Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ari Harper

Witchling-Curse of Kin
by Ari Harper

Book Blurb:

Nera is an average teenage girl, or so she thinks.
When the dreams that have plagued her nights suddenly start to encroach on her waking hours, Nera knows she has to do something before she loses her mind.
Jasper her favorite uncle is the person to go to for anything out of the ordinary. He is a history professor, lives in a castle on the wild Irish East Coast and has a library that most people would die for.
But things are not as they seem.
He is the subject of an 800 year old curse that only certain people can break. So far they have all failed.
Does Nera even stand a chance of coming close? Especially when all of her energies go into fighting the one man that has been sent to help her.


Ari Harper never wanted to grow up.

To offset the limitations of aging ungracefully, she created her own set of unique worlds where she can be and do anything she wants.
Gods, witches and demons surround Ari while she spins her magic, doing mainly what they tell her to do. Given a chance she prefers to work amongst chaos which is good because she is constantly surrounded my children all clamoring for her attention.  Some end up in her stories, some even get to die grisly deaths or be cast away to another realm.
Her favorite pet is a big black dog called Hugo. You will find him as himself in the Curse Of Kin series as Nera's faithful hound.

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  1. I love the cover Ari. Witchling is on my TBR shelf.

  2. where is it available to purchase Ari? I`d love to read it just to see what that handsome doggie gets up to...:)